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Our School Approach

Bright Land Public School shares a common mission and philosophy of transforming children into better human being and bringing over all personality development, so that they prepare themselves to face all challenges of life. 

School culture that ensures safety and love of learning

  • * Students are held to clear behavioral standards and time is dedicated to teaching and practicing expected behaviors.
  • * Strong relationships among students and teachers are intentionally built and fostered.
  • * Regular celebrations are held to recognize student and staff accomplishments.

Balanced Instructional approach

  • * Standard instructional frameworks for all subject areas outline required components of instruction.
  • * Basic skills instruction is balanced with instruction that fosters critical thinking and problem solving.
  • * Schools employ a variety of instructional strategies to engage students.
  • * Staff is provided models and templates for instructional delivery.

High expectations for children and adults

  • * Every member of the school community acts with the belief that all students will learn.
  • * Staff is selected and evaluated based on their expertise and efficacy.
  • * Staff is expected to ensure that all students are learning.

Contact Details

BrightLand Public School
Near Raymond Tiraha
Mirzapur Road, Naini
Karchana, Allahabad
Uttar Pradesh - 481116

Mobile: +91-9651289017